Author: David Hill

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David Hill
David Hill is a freelance journalist and environment writer based in South America. His work covers areas such as extractive industries and the Amazon rainforest.
Caption: China’s growing dependence on distant parts of the world may challenge its longstanding policy of “non-intervention” (Image by Presidencia Perú)

Book review: How Latin America is shaping China

A new book shows how Latin America is shaping China’s foreign policy, but ignores China’s impact on the environment and people of the region itself

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Caption: The right way: China is investing heavily in Latin America but is it doing so responsibly or do some countries in the region simply have nowhere else to turn? (photograph by Flodigrips world).

China and Latin America: which way forward?

China has become Latin America’s third biggest source of foreign investment as a mining boom unleashes a new wave of infrastructure funding

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